Friday, March 19, 2010

Wedding Extravaganzas

I love weddings. They are so much fun. Good food, great friends and family, and just super fun festivities. We have 6 weddings to go to this year, 2010. The first one, that we recently attended, was in Arizona. Tadd's friends from high school got married after 12 years. They had a really pretty setting on a golf course, with good appetizers, a really good meal, and a super cute photo booth.
The upcomimng events are as follows..
April 30-May 1 Newport Wedding for Tadd's older step sister Tara

June Iowa Wedding for a previous co worker Emly

July 30 Santa Cruz Wedding for an old time friend Julia

August 20-22 Seattle Washington Wedding for my college roommate Shanonn

And the most recent news is that Tadd's little sister Brittny is engaged. We are unsure of the date they may have in mind, but we are looking forward to their wedding as well!!!


Kathryn said...

Brittany and Shannon are getting married?

Kelly and Tadd said...

Ya, Shan is getting married in Aug to her man that she met in seattle once she graduated. And Brittny just got engaged Friday night!