Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Saturday

I know it is only 1:45pm on Saturday but I have already had a grand day. It started with a wonderful late start of 11:00am. Ya, I know....crazy. Sleeping in is basically unheard of and both Tadd and I were able to sleep in until the afternoon. I feel accomplished already. Then, as I am about to get my day started, Tadd tells me that the plan is we are going to take a bike ride to this new restaurant called Toast that serves breakfast until 2pm. WOW!

What a great husband and great Saturday morning. So, now here I am, happy and full on my couch after a brisk bike ride to and from breakfast and a lovely meal and a great breakfast place to return to. P.S. We ordered the best french toast along with bacon and sausage sides and eggs, hashbrowns and toast. Yum!

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