Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

I was just thinking yesterday how lovely my schedule is right now. For this week, I am currently partially on spring break. I say partially because, I do not actually get spring break at my school, but the high school that I coach at gets spring break, therefore I am off the hook for about 1.5 weeks for soccer. Now don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching so far, however, the practice and game times are right in the middle of the day. 2:30 or 3:00pm to be exact. Therefore, you feel like you are having this great morning and before you know it, the time is gone and you have to rush to the high school to beat the afternoon bell traffic. Anyway, so I was thinking yesterday of what a great schedule I have at this very moment because I am able to get quite a bit done including this and that and any other random things that I want to accomplish. A day in the life includes...

Wake up around 8:30am

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Complete a few errands around the house.

Run or workout with trainer.

From about noon on...I am able to fit many other activities in. Examples are...return movies from the weekend. Pick up a few gallons of milk. Read the Book of Mormon. Study for my test or quiz. Play the piano. Check out friends' blogs. Cook dinner for Tadd and myself. Get the mail. Go to the bank. Relax on the couch. Hang out with friends. Chat on the phone. Just this and that.

So, my day does consist of a little bit of everything...just not very much money. I am going to enjoy this though until I am off my partial spring break, then the day will feel a little more crowded. Until then...I am off to workout...seriously!

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