Monday, March 8, 2010

Over the weekend, we visited our previous home, Arizona! We had so much fun with all of our friends. We got in around 10:30pm on Friday night and you think that is the end of the night, but it is not. We headed over to our friends' Fred and Chana's house to hang out...until 3 in the morning. I finally got tired and called it a night, but the boys stayed up a little longer to watch some comedy. Thanks Fred and Chana for the slumber party, super nice blow up bed too!!! Then Saturday morning we headed to our fav spot, La Grande Orange...LGO!
We ate a delicious brunch of fresh squeezed orange juice as well as madame croque with a side of bacon and oatmeal. Fred and Chana also enjoyed some yumminess from LGO and now they have a new spot to return to. After brunch we headed into Tempe to wander around. It was a really sunny day and it was nice until it got really hot because that is how AZ is. We ate some mojo frozen yogurt and chatted, then took some fun pics at Target before heading back to their place to get ready for the wedding which was our initial purpose for the trip.

We headed over to the wedding around 4:30pm at the Embassy Suites Hotel which is on a golf course. The wedding was really pretty. The bride and groom have been together for 12 years and decided that they would get married now...Tadd got to see lots of his old high school friends. We also got to hang out with our close friends James and Jill.

We had a fun evening at the wedding...danced, ate good food and enjoyed friends. The reception ended around 11:30pm and we headed back to The Barnett's house (who were sadly out of town) and we went to bed. Then Sunday morning, more fun! We got ready for church and had a tasty breakfast prepared by Chef Tadd and then headed over to the Jackson's house. Immediately, I am obsessed with their adorable child Avery. We were around when she was first born and we got to hold her as a small baby, but now she is the cutest 17 month year old I have every seen. I want to eat her up! So we became friends instantly and we got to hang out for the next five hours.

It was so great to see Kat and Joe again, we miss them so much! We headed to church which was our old ward when I was first investigating and joining the church, so we got to see lots of good friends there also! After lots of climbing and running around the church with little miss Avery, we headed back to their house for a delicious meal that Kat is known for. She always cooks and it is always so good! We got to eat and chat like old times...and of course obsess over their adorable child!!! It all ended too soon and we rushed to the airport just in time to check our bags and hop on our flight back to California. We miss you Arizona and it was so great to see all of our friends!!!

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Chana said...

Their daughter is adorable!!

We're so glad we got to see you. Fred kept saying the rest of the weekend how he wanted you guys to stay forever. So do it. Move back. I've already found you a school!

We're glad we got to see you while you were here! We miss you guys!

PS. that top picture of me is disgusting and makes me look like I weigh 350lbs. I hate it.