Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mr. Bachelor

Last night was pretty good. I think I am just sick of the show at this point because of the spoiler that I think is right on. Bummer. The more I watch the show, the less I care that Jake picks Vienna because I think they are both lame and it is fine that they end up together. After last night, however, I would like to visit St. Lucia. Very pretty place. I felt really bad for Gia, but she was super nice about it and very mature. She will find someone better. Tenley, I am kind of bummed that she has to get to the final rose ceremony and then have Vienna get chosen instead of her...but she will find someone else too and maybe it will be better that she has some more time to get over her divorce. Anyway, I am excited for the women tell all because that is always awesome. Until next time...

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