Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bachelor Week 5

Last night was good. I liked it a lot. I think I like it better when there are not as many girls because it seems so hard to date so many women, I mean jeez. Seriously, though, Jake actually gets it. He is good. He says the right things and is really genuine. He says things like..."I am not good at taking two girls on a date at once. It is totally awkward." It is really nice that he recognizes the situation and does his best. I was pretty sad that Corrie went home last night. She is such a cutie and so respectful. I bet she gets a ton of dates because of this show!!! I guess Ali and Vienna both tried to grow up a little last night and tried to get over the whole caddiness that they have decided to continue. Ali kind of got over it on her one on one date and Vienna is I guess figured it out too. I hope they just knock it off. Tenley is my fav. She is adorable and very mature. Her voice still gets to me a bit, but she is so nice and it seems like they are very similar with their expectations and what they want in a marriage. She seems the most mature when it comes to actually being married at the end of this. Gia...she is still really pretty. I still don't think that they would be a good match in the end, I think she would be a little too high maintenance for him. P.S. I loved the Napa castle. I totally want to have a slumber party at a castle. That would be rad.

And San Francisco looked like so much fun, even though I have been there quite a few times. I want to go again and hit up Chinatown and make a fortune cookie!!! I also want to go when it is a super nice day like it was when they were there. Whenever I have gone it is usually cold and foggy. I will wait for the summertime! Yay for hometown dates next week!

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