Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the bachelor

Home town dates...I am very discouraged from watching the rest of the show. There are various things that are officially bugging me. Vienna! She is seriously so annoying. Her family is kind of weird and they are a little sideways from growing up on the river. She is kind of rude and if Jake picks her, then whatever, they will probably have a crooked relationship and maybe get a divorce. Sorry that was kind of mean. Ali...I really like her still. I am sad that she had to go, but it is good that she did not let her job go that she loves because Jake cannot guarantee that she is "the one." p.s. we shall see her return (that means I am watching the rest of the show... we are too far in not too continue) Gia. She is still very nice and cute and has nice clothes. Her family is ok. Her mom's dress was kind of short and her brother had ugly hair. Tenley. I still really like her. I think she is pretty and she is sweet. I think that she may still have some issues with her ex husband and everything related to her divorce. But I do want her to find another man that won't do that to her, and if it is not Jake, that is okay. I really liked the dress that Gia and Tenley wore to the rose ceremony, the goloshes that Tenley wore and the outfit that Ali wore at her hometown.

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