Sunday, February 28, 2010


I just woke up from a five hour nap...My schedule has gotten pretty busy lately and I have obviously been slacking on the blog posts. I have been working two part time jobs, one at a dentist office, the other coaching high school soccer. On top of that I am going to school M-Th from 6-10 and then of course doing the homework and then I am also exercising with a trainer and running with a friend to train for a half marathon and a full in 2010. So...I did not think that I would be that busy, but I am, and I am tired. However, I think the routine is falling into place a little better and I will continue to try and keep my life organized. Tadd is still doing great with work and he is tring to get into a workout routine with a trainer also. Things are good, when it rains it pours (with busyness) but then there is a rainbow!!!


katester said...

wow, you are busy. a five hour nap sounds like heaven though. that is about what I get at night if I am lucky. miss you guys! wish you guys could come for the blessing.

momab said...

Hey Kelly, just read what your routine is and I am exhausted. I love to go to katie's blog and then on to yours,I noticed she just left you a comment too just earlier than me. Wish we could see you guys this next weekend, we will miss you both. You will look back some day and will not believe you could do so much stuff.