Friday, August 5, 2016

Bathroom Renovation

In the month of June, we finally gutted and refinished our entire spare bathroom! It was epic before and although it was functioning, it was not exactly what we were going for long term. The yellow tub and sink, although it had great 50's character, was not the theme we wanted to keep as the rest of the house had already been updated. So, we have been purchasing things over the last 6 months including the vanity and countertop, lighting, and a few small hardware pieces, as well as saving our money to purchase the remaining items before we gutted the entire bathroom!

Once the first weekend of June came, I had my dad and Tadd working away, busting out wood, tile, porcelain, you name it!


After we threw all of the garbage away (ps...we rented a dumpster from the city and it was by far the best decision of all. They drop it off, and one week later come pick it up for like $ was genius) The remodel began. Tadd and my dad began by breaking it down to the studs and then getting the plumber in there to work his magic and re work the sewer line so we could have the toilet behind the door where a wall used to be. That was quite the work load, but it worked out. Then they put down cement board for the floor and walls. Once everything was prepped and ready, they put the floor tile down and grouted it. 

I was already loving it. Then we had some tile contractors come in and do the shower tile since it was a slightly bigger project. It turned out great! Then last minute I scheduled the electricians to come in and reroute some wires to get additional lighting and an extra outlet, just in the nick of time before the texture guy came in and fixed all of our walls, including our kitchen and master bathroom. 

Then we had some work to do including painting which I did participate in and did the entire master bathroom while Tadd did the spare and then also the kitchen ceiling that had been waiting to be painted since last summer. Now that all the painting was done, all that was left to do was clean it for the tub refinishers. The tub looked amazing once it was done. It is pretty dramatic how white can look so good after having  yellow for so long. Tile, check. Tub, check. Paint and texture, check. Lighting, check. Now all that was left was putting in the stone behind the toilet, the actual toilets, vanity, mirrors, and hardware....oh, and the door...just a few things....phew!!!

Anyway, after all the hardwork, and blood, sweat, tears and $$$, it is complete! And it is beautiful and luxurious and amazing and all the good words that represent a perfect bathroom remodel, just the way we imagined! And now, Liam gets to take a tub. I have a perfect tub and shower. And space for storage of kids toys, bath towels and of course my makeup and toiletries. G

Good thing we are having another boy so I can use this bathroom for a little bit longer because I like it that much!!! As of now, we are officially done remodeling the inside of our house,..I know, we never thought the day would come. 

The last post that will be the inside of our house is when the nursery gets decorated which will probably be another couple months, it is in the works. And then once I get additional family photos to finish out frames that are waiting for them. Until then, I will be soaking in the bubbles in my new white tub and fancy new bathroom!!!


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