Monday, August 1, 2016

30 years

I am 30. Honestly, I don't feel that different. Maybe I have just embraced the years passing by...and really I think 30 is a pretty good age. I have accomplished most of the things that I wanted to by this age, and I am having my second baby later this year...I have an awesome husband, kid, family, job...there really is nothing to complain about. So with that being is to my 30th year and whatever it has in store for me.

I definitely spoiled myself and bought a few gifts that I had been wanting...also, we have pretty much been celebrating all month considering we had a bbq earlier this month to reveal the gender of our second baby...and then of course to just have a fun time with friends and family.

I also got to go out to dinner with my whole family to Benihana which has been something we have done for as long as I can remember, and I love it every time...It is by far one of my favorite restaurants!

The rest of the month pretty much has flown by and it is officially August now...I can't even believe it! So for my birthday I bought myself some new makeup, new kicks and a sweater! And then Tadd and I booked a babymoon and our first weekend away from Liam as the two of us. I am pretty excited even though I know I am going to miss Liam and probably face time him a few times during the 2 nights we are away, just 1 hour north.

My final request for my birthday was a peach cobbler...the peaches have just been amazing so I prepped everything and Tadd finished it off so when I got home from work, he had it all ready to enjoy. My parents also picked up Macaroni Grill and they all waited to eat until I got home at 7:30pm. It was a very low key evening and exactly what I wanted. Now we will be headed to Florida for our final family vacation this summer (I get to go on a girls trip for my birthday to Napa at the end of August). Overall, this has been a great birthday and I am still celebrating it seems until the end of August...tough life.

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