Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was quiet and great. It was just my parents and the three of us. It was a casual day, my mom had already prepped most of the food when we got to their house. I attempted to help with whatever she had left and it seemed that everything would come together nicely. Once the turkey was in and we snacked on some appetizers, we took a brisk walk around the neighborhood. We played with leaves and Liam loved it! Once we got back, Liam "climbed" a tree and loved it. We threw leaves around he hung from branches with the biggest smile on his face. We then headed back inside and just played a little while until dinner was ready around 3pm. Liam fell asleep just a few minutes before dinner so he missed out on the official dinner, but got leftovers after. Everything turned out great and it was a calm and relaxing day of yummy food and good company. The rest of the weekend went about the same. Nice and relaxing. We made some cookies, ran a few errands, got some Christmas shopping done and enjoyed a long weekend. It was so nice, almost too good to go back to work the following week. Now, we are looking forward to the Christmas Holiday. This month we are just getting in the Christmas Spirit by putting up all of our decorations, putting up lights and making cookies to share!

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