Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hawaii 2015

Family Vacation 2015...Take 1

Our family decided to plan a family trip every two years which would then coincide with the year that we were not going to be together for Christmas. This way, we are still able to get together for a family gathering but instead of at Christmas time would would pick a different place each time. This first trip we picked Hawaii. It was the perfect first location. We have a time share. We are familiar with the location. We could plan it accordingly. And we haven't been in Hawaii together since 2007 and that was before any of us were married.

We all headed to Hawaii from November 14-November 22. We were all very excited to be celebrating my mom's 60th birthday in Hawaii on the 15th. We had big plans for her. Jill had emailed and collected thoughts and memories of my mom from her friends and family! That Sunday morning, we all hung out, we did head to church for an hour and then headed back to spend time with the family. That day we all went to The Wailea Resort to swim and go on their awesome slides. We rented a cabana and had the best day playing in the water and enjoying the sun and the company. It was such a fun day. We then got home and mom read some of her notes before we all got ready to go to dinner at Ruth's Chris. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then headed back home for some more family time! We got to hear mom and dad's history of their childhood as well as other advice and memories that they had been writing down over the last year or so.

Other events in Hawaii included...

The Polynesian Cultural Center
The Pearl Harbor Memorial
Whirlwind trip to Oahu
Kihei cafe for breakfast (a few times)
Running in the rain
Snorkeling Boat Trip to Molokini
Beach and Pool Days
Hiking and Exploring Day

Overall, it was a great vacation. We all had such a fun time together. We were able to do things together, separately, and individually. We did new things and old things and we will definitely do it again. Although next time, we plan to visit Boston, New York and Cape Cod.

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