Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas should be pretty fun this year. We are heading to Arizona for the Holiday, and although Liam and I will only be there for 4 days, Tadd will be able to stay for over a week to spend some additional time with his siblings. We got Liam a teepee this year for Liam. It is for his toddler room which should be pretty exciting as he will be two in February.

We celebrated an early Christmas with my family before heading to Arizona for the actual day of Christmas. We opened our presents on Saturday morning and Liam was so adorable. He grabbed the gifts and was wondering if they were for him and if he could open them. One present in, he was stoked to play with the one gift and we conned him in to opening the other ones but he was much more into the first present.

We then headed to my parents house for some more present opening and celebrating. We ate a yummy breakfast and then exchanged gifts. We all got lots of fun goodies. I got a few pairs of shoes and some makeup. Tadd got a pair of shoes, his classic hair gel supply for the year as well as cologne and a nice shirt. Liam got the most loot including wood puzzles, an easel, stickers, a coloring book, cars, books, clothes, and some toys. He was happy with it all!

We then headed to Arizona on Christmas Eve. We ate out that evening and then back to bed so Santa could come. Friday morning we opened more presents. Liam only had a few since we didn't want to bring many from California. He definitely wanted more cars than he got, luckily his cousin Andy was willing to share with him.

We then enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Tadd's family. After breakfast we got ready and headed over to the grandparents house so we could open MORE presents with all the grandkids. Liam fell asleep while the unwrapping was happening so we opened presents later. He got some pretty cool trucks and cars. We then prepared Christmas dinner of fried turkey, ham, green beans, cranberries, mashed potatoes, stuffing and sweet potato casserole. It was delicious.

Saturday we were able to get up and head over to ASU for a nostalgic walk around our alma mater. It was eerily quiet as the students and faculty are on break currently, but it was still fun to see where our classes used to be and our old dorm rooms and hangouts were. We then ate lunch with some friends of ours at one of our favorite restaurants in AZ, Pita Jungle.

Later that day, all the moms headed to the salon for a pedicure. It was nice and relaxing and a good way to wrap up the weekend before Liam and I headed back on Sunday. Sunday we attended church and then hung out with friends and family before heading to the airport. Liam and I arrived home safely but now we both have a little bit of a cold.

Luckily, Tadd is still in Arizona having a good time with his family for another week. We miss him, but had a very Merry Christmas in Arizona.

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