Saturday, May 2, 2015

Snowflakes and Baby Molars

We took our very first trip to "the snow" or Tahoe last month. The best part was, there was actually snow, and it was the most incredible weekend as it was timed perfectly in order to skip driving in the snow but enjoy the falling snowflakes as Liam experienced it for the first time. Tadd, Liam and I followed via caravan behind my mom and dad up to Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe on Friday around 9:00 am. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and not a single drop of rain or snowflake was looming. Once we arrived in Tahoe, we walked around the resort, shopped a little bit and then grabbed some lunch before heading up to our rooms to get situated.  Once we were settled, my mom and I were able to get massages at the spa. It was fantastic. Tadd and my dad hung with Liam and played outside and in the hotel room, taking laps in the hall as Liam is completely mobile and refuses to remain still unless eating or drinking milk or sleeping I suppose. After our massages, we grabbed some dinner and then headed back to the hotel room to get Liam to bed. As we proceed to put Liam to sleep, he starts crying, not the typical cry either, the "I'm in pain" cry. So Tadd goes into his room and attempts to soothe him...but he is very upset. I then comfort Liam as he is definitely a momma's boy at this point in his life...and we snuggle to sleep for the rest of the night. I had already thought that his molars were starting to come in, and of course, I feel inside his mouth and there is a large bump in his mouth. I then realize in the morning that he has an eruption cyst, which is a normal reaction to a tooth erupting, but it is the saddest thing. He was drooling like a maniac and not eating great. I asked my dentist and another friend that is a dentist and they said that the cyst simply has to run its course and then the tooth will erupt...well the molars have not completely erupted but the cyst went away within a few days and he was back to normal. Back to the weekend in the snow! Saturday morning we woke up to snow covered scenery out our window! And it was still snowing. I was so excited because Liam could experience the snow and I wanted to see how he would react. We grabbed some breakfast before getting geared up for the snow. We had just gotten Liam a hat, gloves and a snow jacket, and thank goodness we did because he really needed it! The snow was falling in perfect snowflakes as we headed for the village to walk around and enjoy the busyness of the season. We shopped a little bit, played in the snow, went to the toy shop and then headed back! Liam crashed in the bus on the way back and then napped a bit before we explored some more. Dinner again that night and then bedtime for Liam and a movie for the adults, which of course, puts me right to sleep. Heading Into Sunday, we packed up our things and enjoyed breakfast in the room, then made another round at the resort and the hit the road! It was a perfect weekend! Pictures to come!

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