Monday, July 13, 2015

Up to date

We have been very busy at the Barnett house hold the last few weeks. We visited San Diego for my cousins wedding! It was such a fun filled week of family and festivities. Liam made his first debut as a ring bearer and he did not dissapoint. He performed perfectly and definitely brought his momma to tears unintentionally. During the week we completed a lot of firsts including the beach, the aquarium, the wedding debut and meeting lots of family members. We had a blast. We played at the beach, stared at fishies, stayed up late and slept in. We bbq'd, went out, ate donuts, pizza and mexican food. We really had a blast spending time with family and celebrating Lindsay and Ian.
After our San Diego trip, two of my cousins came back to stay with my parents and they were able to visit a few colleges and spend some time with my parents and myself. They seemed to enjoy the California sun and some pool time for their summer break. It was really nice to spend more time with them than we are usually allotted.

The following weekend, Tadd headed down to Irvine to spend some time with his family and celebrate his grandma Cleo's life and attend her memorial. His family had a great time cruising along the river as their grandma loved to do that. They were also able to go bowling, catch a baseball game, go shopping and eat some good food. It was the first time in a very long time that Tadd was able to spend time with his siblings without spouses and kids.

Before we left for San Diego, we decided to renovate our kitchen. We originally thought we would just do the floor and get a new fridge because it was leaking. Once Tadd moved the fridge to the garage and worked his buns off ripping up the floor, we slept one night and woke up and decided to redo the entire kitchen. Ya, i know...crazy! We headed to San Diego before ripping out the cabinets...but then we got back from vacation and we then proceeded to rip out the rest of our cabinets. And then we tore down drywall. And cleaned. And rewired most of the wall. And cleaned. And had a plumber readjust the pipes. And cleaned.  And then replaced drywall. And cleaned. And removed soffits. And cleaned. Basically this was an incredibly messy job. Ps. we found dead rats beneath our cabinets...I had no idea i was living in filth. We actually slept over at my parents house for a week while the house was in shambles, which was really nice. Then we came back and the cabinets were installed for two days...and then we had a group of ladies come and overhaul and clean our house so it was more livable! Now we are back in our house, and the kitchen is still not functional but it is looking more and more pretty and I cannot wait until it is done and I can cook again...which is absurd because I don't like to cook, but I will learn to love it because my kitchen will be so beautiful.

We celebrated the 4th of July in between the kitchen renovation. We headed out to dinner with my parents and their friends to Tahoe Joes. We enjoyed dinner, Liam was the life of the party and we ate a delicious cake with my parents friends as it was her birthday! We then headed home and relaxed on the couch. I know, festive. We did wear red white and blue. So we at least dressed for the occasion.

Next on the list is a weekend trip to Tahoe and maybe a day in the City. Maybe I will get a post up next time before 2015 is over. Yikes. Until then.

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