Monday, January 5, 2015

Our Very First Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! I am so excited this year because not only is it Liam's first Christmas, it is also Tadd and my first Christmas at our home. Although last year we were living in our house, we went to Arizona for Christmas, so we didn't decorate or get a tree or any of the fun christmas traditions you think of. SO....This is a BIG year! I have been collecting ideas for ways to introduce traditions and things to buy to make our home feel warm and cozy for the holidays. I got our family stockings, we hung them on the fireplace and have garland, gold decorative reindeers as well as a beautiful nativity. We went to Bambi's tree farm this year and picked out an adorable little tree this year. We got it back home and put Liam to bed and decorated it while listening to Christmas music. We also just got a pretty star tree topper that lights up and we all love it, including Liam! I am also working on a Christ centered advent calendar that I am pretty excited about.

We got most of our Christmas shopping done and all the wrapping is done. I just have two more picture frames to get for Liam's room but he won't be opening those, we will just hang those on the wall for him!

Christmas Eve will be at my house this year! My parents, my two sisters and one brother in law will come over and we will have hot soup and yummy bread bowls! We will have some yummy treats with Christmas music on and maybe a festive movie on to watch. After dinner we usually get hot chocolate and go look at Christmas lights. We have also started opening Christmas jammies. I think we get to open them early this year to celebrate with my other brother in law which will be fun because then we can wear them for longer before Christmas!

Then on Christmas morning we will open stockings and a few presents at our house before heading to my parents house for breakfast and more presents! Everyone is so excited to be celebrating Christmas with Liam...I love that kids make everything so exciting!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!!! And our New Year was just as fun! Here is to 2015!!!

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