Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Liam The Great at 3 Months!!!

He won't sleep (during the day) unless there is nothing going on or he is exhausted after trying to stay awake for the activities of the day.

He knows when u put his bib on, it's food time! And will cry if it doesn't come fast enough!

He only takes his pacifier when he is ready for it. Sometimes he falls asleep without it and wants it if he gets fussy.

He is super happy and smiley! Even if he skips a nap! And then of course he gets really tired and will take back to back naps with a snack in between!

He loves moving his arms and legs like crazy. He loves staring at ceiling fans as well as mobiles and other objects above him. He will swat and sometimes grab them!

He has been sleeping about 5-6 hours at night with a one am feeding and then back to bed till the morning.

He loves his baths. It calms him. He just chills in his little bath chair and enjoys the warm water while staring at mom and dad!

He is the most precious baby ever and I love him more than I ever thought possible. I miss him when I'm at work, or in the other room. I also miss him when he is sleeping unless he is snuggled in my arm or on my chest. I love my sweet baby Liam!!!

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Steph said...

What fun pictures! It's so great to see how much he's changing. What a stud!