Sunday, June 15, 2014

First Father's Day

It is amazing how once you have a child, everything you have done many times before takes on a whole new meaning and becomes a first again because it's a first for your baby! Therefore, this first was Father's Day! To celebrate tadd and the great father that he is, I did a few things: love Kelly and Liam of course. A few weeks ago I picked out an adorable outfit for Liam to wear to church and then of course got a matching tie for Tadd to wear as well! Then on Saturday, we headed to the mall to see if Tadd could find something he liked, no such luck, but I did get him a few small sees candies he likes. Then Sunday morning, we cheated and ate toaster strudels for breakfast since it was his day! And in the evening I cooked up some steak, asparagus and potatoes for the great father of my child! Of course I snapped some precious pics of the two of them and I snuck in a few as well! Here is to the first Father's Day and looking forward to many more firsts with our first born son!!!

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