Monday, November 21, 2011

November B-day!

My mom celebrated her birthday on the 15th of November this year. We all headed out to cheesecake factory to celebrate and enjoy a nice dinner together. We all got something delicious and then of course, cheesecake to share. Vanilla bean, red velvet and the tuxedo were the flavors we enjoyed. Since we did not get my mom an actual gift, we decided to take her to see Breaking Dawn since it came out the same week as her birthday. We saw it on Saturday around 1:00pm and it turned out to be perfect because it was not too packed and there were not a lot of kids screaming every few seconds. I really liked the movie and I think my mom did too. Katie also came and so did our boys, Tadd and Dennis. My dad lucked out and was busy on Saturday so he didn't make it. It was a great day and we love my MOM so much and are so happy and extremely lucky to have her as our mother!!!

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