Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Photos

I know we dont technically have any children yet, but we are still considered a family!!! We got photos done so that we could send out our very first Christmas card. Here are a few photos from our very fun session!

Maybe next time we will have a new addition or at least one on the way.


katester said...

That is my Christmas wish!:-) very beautiful pictures. Hopefully you got my email with my new address. Love you!

Brittny said...

We would love a new addition, Ben needs a boy cousin. We love the pictures, you both look like models. Very beautiful pictures, we hope to get a christmas card.

Anne said...

So cute! This is Tadd's old friend Anne and speaking of Christmas cards I was just working on mine. Are you guys still at 9505? Could you email me at

Hope you guys are having a fun filled season.