Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sandpoint Idaho

This past weekend Tadd and I headed up to Idaho to see his Grandma as well as his aunt and cousins. We arrived on Saturday afternoon and had a lovely dinner with all of them. We watched some magic tricks by the kids and then headed to bed. On Sunday, we woke up and went to church with Cleo and then came home and Lisa and Cole headed out to go hunting while we stayed and played Just Dance with Quinn and some other fun games. Cole shot his first deer and they gutted it and then skinned it and he got to keep the heart and one of the hooves, it was pretty intense. Monday morning, we woke up and we ate some breakfast and then got ready to head around town. We went to their ski resort called Schweitzer and on the way up the mountain it was pretty and sunny and then we were taking pictures and it started to snow...lots. We drove down the hill in a blizzard. It was crazy. We then walked around the town of Sandpoint and shopped around. The snow stopped and we all went to lunch on the beach (with snow on it...) and enjoyed each other's company. We walked around a bit and then the trip was already over! It went fast but we had a great time with them and they were great hosts. We are hoping to make it up there again soon.

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katester said...

That is so awesome you guys visited Cleo, Lisa and the kids. I am sure they loved it! Glad you guys had fun!