Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Plans

As of right now, Tadd and I have lots of weekend plans...and even though there is technically no such thing as "summer" when you live in the real world...summer always ends up busier than the rest of the year. Right now I have 2 weeks left of my anatomy summer course. Then after that I have 6 weeks of physiology. Now to the fun stuff... We may head up to Tahoe in the next few weeks, then my friends engagement party is the following weekend, then at the end of the month we are heading to Newport for Tara's baby shower. My birthday is also at the end of the month!!! Moving into August, we are heading down to San Diego for my friend's bachelorette and to hang out wit friends that live there. Then Tadd's family is coming up and we are going to Tahoe for a long weekend. Lots of fun weekend plans up and coming...I will post pictures as soon as they come and go.

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