Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend

4th of July weekend we were busy bees. On Friday night Jill's boyfriend came into town and we all hung out, barbequed and then grabbed some yogurt. On Saturday, Mom and Dad and Jill and Wes all took off for the long weekend and Tadd and I decided to hang around and have some fun in the sun here in Granite Bay. Later on Saturday, our friends Brian and Lauren came over and we played pickleball, went swimming, watched Lie to Me (a show that they just got us hooked on) and had a really fun day in the sun. Sunday morning we slept in a little bit and then headed to church. We had good lessons and then headed home for a little more rest. We then decided to go out to donuts at 12:01am with some of the young men and women since we had monday off. Tadd and I then slept over at our friends house, the Sewells...they have a guest house with couches. We then woke up bright and early, 7:30am to go out on Folsom Lake with the Sewells and get some tubing in before the lake got super busy for the 4th. We all had lots of fun and Tadd is amazing at tubing.

We got off the lake around 9:30 and the lake was definitely filling up by then. We then headed back to the house and prepared for our BBQ with friends. Around 1:00pm, about 10 people came over and we played in the pool and hung outside for the rest of the day. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs as well as all the classic barbeque food. Chips, soda, fruit salad, and lots of festive dessert.

We were planning on going to see fireworks but I was way too tired and had to study for my test the next day. Overall it was a great weekend. We got lots of sun, had lots of fun with friends, and of course needed one more day to recover from the long weekend. But it is already Thursday, which means that it is almost the weekend again.

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