Monday, July 25, 2011

Last weekend, Tadd and I headed down to Elk Grove to attend my high school friend's engagement party!!! It is so exciting when my friend's get engaged because then I get to attend all their fun activities and then of course witness their wedding! We got to her in-laws to be house on Saturday night and we met her fiance, Mr. John Foster. He seems like a really great guy and a really good match for her. p.s. her name is Erica!!! Then as the evening continued, we were able to relax, enjoy good food and good friends. We did not get as much time with the bride and groom but they are always required to make their rounds and talk to everyone. The backyard that it was hosted in was beautiful and the weather was great. I got a few pictures, which is better than nothing. Now next weekend, we are heading down to Newport for Tara's baby shower. We should get down there late friday night into saturday morning and we are super excited to spend time with Tara and hopefully Russ for a little and get excited for little Hannah to arrive!

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