Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Update

I think it has been a little while since I have posted and I going to use the excuse that I have been studying for a chemistry test and a microbiology test that are only a weekend apart! And I needed to do well on Chemistry, which I think I might have done...and as for Microbiology, I am just trying to maintain my A.

Tadd is doing great at work. Still trying to figure out the changes at the company but he is hanging on and still producing.

I am still going to school and working part time and it is getting tough and I am basically begging for Spring Break to is still 3 weeks away!

Tadd's brother, Nick and Alyssa, just had their baby! Little Ava! We are so excited for them and are planning on taking a trip out to Arizona to see the happy family!

Also, I know I mentioned that all my sister in laws are pregnant, I forgot to mention that literally, everyone that I have ever known is pregnant right now. My 3 great friends from AZ...pregnant. My social circle here in Granite Bay...prenant. At least it feels like it...since I still have 2 years of school left...I missed the memo apparently!

And right now...on this surprisingly sunny Saturday afternoon, I am relaxing watching the US soccer team play Argentina. It is a very good game! I am going to continue to enjoy it...

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