Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Total Bargain...

Yesterday, after school, since I did not have to go into work...my mom and I decided to run a few fun errands together. We started at crossroads, a place where you can sell your clothes and buy some too if you want. Well, we brought a big bag of things (and normally they only take a few things and you get a little bit of cash...)Yesterday, they took 18 items! That is crazy! And, while waiting for them to go through our things, I found the cutest shirt and the most amazing pants! The shirt only cost $15 and the jeans...the softest, most forgiving, dark jeans for $38.50...I was so excited. This just does not happen. Jeans do not fit me! And yesterday, I stumbled upon them! Also, after purchasing those total steals, I still made $21. It was great! Then we headed to goodwill to donate the remains of things they did not buy. We then made a stop at Trader Joe's for some fruit to fill the fridge. Then we treated ourselves to a lovely pedicure. We headed home and I took a much needed nap after my two tough tests! What a great Monday!

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