Monday, January 3, 2011

Time Flies

Merry Christmas, I mean Happy New Year. Yikes, these last few weeks have flown by!!! An update on what we have been up to...Monday the 20th my little sister came into town and that started of the holiday celebrations. We went shopping for last minute presents, went to the gym to earn some extra calories, and went snowboarding on the most beautiful day of the season so far if I may so myself.
Thursday night, my older sister Jill got in!!! And even more festivities occurred. On Friday, we all got up and got our sweat in, lounged around and then went to dinner with some old friends. It was a great time for our Christmas Eve. After dinner, we went and looked at lights, while the six of us were cramped in the car. After lights we went back to the house and opened one gift. (We also decided we are going to attempt the matching pajama tradition next year on Christmas Eve...should be fun!) After gifts, we lounged more and prepared for Christmas the next day, meaning we went to bed.
We arose around 8:30am and waited for everyone to get out of bed, and headed to the tree! We divided up our presents like we do every year and starting opening presents one at a time. Everyone got lots of lovely things. Tadd got lots of church videos, tennis toys and a kindle. Jill got clothes that she wanted as well as a little birthday surprise (Our matching sister rings, which she lost previously). Katie got work clothes as she will be starting an internship this spring. I got lots of fun clothes, workout stuff and craft gift cards. Mom and Dad got a few things that they were excited about too.
After opening presents, we made a yummy breakfast and organized the house. Then we went on a family walk. Once we returned from the walk, we prepped for Christmas dinner and we all pitched in!!! The following day, Tadd and I went to church for the last time in 2010...and the last time at 9:00am for a couple of years. We then headed to another old friend's house up in Auburn for visiting and dinner. We had a fun time catching up with them and eating more good food. Monday December 27, 2010 was Dad's Birthday!!! And December 30th was Jill's Birthday, so in order to celebrate we headed to our favorite spot, Benihana!

We had an awesome chef and as always, delicious food, and stinky clothes. Tuesday was a bummer because Jill had to leave : ( However, Dennis also came in which Katie was really excited about. Since Tuesday, we have been on and off work, exercising and lounging. On Friday, Tadd, Dad and Dennis played golf while the girls headed to get pedicures and do some errands at the mall. We also went to go see a few movies, both The Fighter and Black Swan.

The Fighter was a good movie and Christian Bale looked ridiculously skinny. Black Swan was another story. Natalie Portman played a really good role, however, it was a pretty sketchy movie. Anyway...that brings us to current day! Monday, back to work in the New Year.

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