Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bachelor Week 2

Monday night, night two...and Tadd and I missed the first 10 minutes...oops! I forgot to start the recording, but anyway. We saw the end of the first date with Dentist Ashley H. Not bad...she is all hands, but I guess that is fine. Moving on to the group date...claws come out when girls are fighting for one man. Yikes! Michelle got a little cookoo on this show. We all know it is your birthday, but relax! Try not to make a stereotype for people named Michelle!!! I always get uncomfortable for the group dates and especially when they have to act, it is so awkward!

The next single date with Jackie was pretty sweet. I always wonder what the final couple is going to do with their lives after all these amazing dates. They have to go back to real life...anyway! I loved Jackie's dress and the jewelry...she looked really pretty. And it looks like they had a lot of fun. Maybe she should date more, but maybe not. Who knows. Keep her for now, she is super nice!

As for the rose ceremony...I don't think I have ever been this happy with who went home. He actually picked the right girls to leave. Both Melissa and Rachel deserved to go home. If they want they can fight in the limo on the way home. As for the others, it is always sad to see the nice ones go. Keltie's interview was especially sad. Hopefully she will get lots of dates from this show!!!

As for my bachelorettes to remain... I am still sticking with my guns from the beginning. Emily is still the cutest thing. I hope that she is able to talk to him a little more and hopefully he likes her even more after he hears what she has been through. Ashley and Shawntel are still going strong. They both did not get too much time with Brad as far as we could see. But hopefully in the next few weeks they will shine.

Until next week...

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katester said...

I agree with you for the most part...but michelle is honestly one step from the coo coo's nest. I hope she has fallen from your favorites list after watching last week. I loved the rose ceremony; it finally ended the way you hoped it would. I love Emily and Ashley and hope to see them in the end. Jackie is cute too! Actually he has a few A-listers.