Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bachelor Season 15

Brad Womack is officially back on the Bachelor, a changed man!!! I think it is kind of ridiculous that everyone is giving him such a hard time. He did not love those two girls, whether he was ready or not! Sucks for them that they had to get dumped on TV, but they are both engaged to be married now, so it obviously worked out for them. Now, lucky for Brad, he gets a second chance with more lovely women. So, last night, was episode one of this season. A few thoughts...There are some very pretty women on the show. A few that a little over the top in a variety of ways, and some that went home on the fist night for a reason. With that being said, my bachelorettes that I have chosen for the running are as follows...
1. Emily...seriously the cutest thing!! And the most touching story ever! Love her!!!
2. Ashley...She was cute, definitely. I liked her dress a lot too. And she got the first impression rose!

3. Shawntel...I think she seems really nice and interesting, or at least her job is!?

4. Michelle...Let's hope that not all Michelle's are crazy!!!


Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Hey Kelly! I'm hosting bachelor backtalk on my blog again if you wanna come comment and get in on the conversations! I'm glad I'm not the only one watching this season! ha-ha!

katester said...

I cannot believe i missed it! Did not even know it was starting again...I guess I figured my dvr would record it. I have nothing against brad, but it is kind of boring that we have to watch him again. Can ABC honestly not find another bachelor? Seriously?