Friday, October 1, 2010

Little Dears

Dear Sun,
You can hide behind the clouds now. Fall is here. The heat can stop now. Thanks though for your determination.

Dear Legs,
Wow you hurt so bad it is crazy. Maybe if I workout consistently you would not be so painful. But I kind of like it so keep up the good work.

Dear School,
I know we have to part for a few months. I will not miss you over the holiday months of October, November and December. We will reunite in the new year if you let me add the classes I need. Fingers crossed.

Dear Leaves,
I am thrilled that you are beginning to change colors. But I wished that you stayed on the branches for the entire fall and winter. But I won't get ahead of myself, I will simply enjoy your beauty while it lasts.

Dear I pod,
This is the first time that I have purchased songs from i tunes and it has changed my workout experience. I hope I do not ruin my budget by purchasing new songs for you.

Dear Bumblebee stamp,
Why are you still on my hand? I know we had a blast at the rollerskating rink, but you can rinse off now. I have pictures to prove you, so maybe once those are posted you can come off.

Dear October 21st,
You can not come soon enough. Miami here I come! Soccer stud #30! Homemade T-Shirt! Get excited!

Dear Ski Resorts,
I wish you were less expensive so that I could go snowboarding every weekend...I may just go to the cabin and go sledding outside to save money.

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