Sunday, October 10, 2010

Avid Reader

I have started and finished the Hunger Game series in one week. I began these books on Wednesday I believe and I have finished all three before Monday begins. To say that I am an avid reader is an understatement. I am more of an addict reader. I cannot move on until the series is done. I get so connected to the characters and what is going to happen next, I just read and read and read until I can no longer read further. I wish there was another book in the series of the Hunger Games. It was a decent ending, but overall a very sad sequence of books. It tried to be happy at the end but after everthing that happened it is a miracle that one ounce of goodness came out of it. Now that they are finished I may need a few days or a week to regroup and determine which book or set of books I will move onto next. I have a few recommendations but I will need to move on from the Hunger Games first.

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