Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Night Extravaganza

Jake really impressed me this evening on the Bachelor. He figured out a lot of good things that I think other people might have overlooked. Michelle, although the drama was entertaining, Jake finally had enough. She totally drained him because she is so high maintenance, even though she made sure to mention that she is not drama and not a crier....but I beg to differ. Then, he totally called out Elizabeth about her games and the kissing tease that she is. And if she would just listen, she would have realized that he could care less about kissing her, but jeez, talk about something else then if you don't want to kiss yet! See ya! Ali surprised me tonight, she was super feisty and I did not like that she was always the one trying to fight with Vienna. I mean, we all understood that Vienna was not liked, but don't keep picking a fight. So, I thought of everyone on the show tonight, I liked Jake the most. A few standout moments were with Ella...she was super classy and pulled together. The comedy thing was pretty stressful. I do not think that I could have done that! But Ali had a super cheesy and funny joke and Ashley drank enough vodka on the rocks in order to say her three blonde jokes...nice! Always enjoy my Monday night entertainment. The competition is getting heated! O ya, and I totally forgot to metion Tinsley. She was super cute when she had to discuss her divorce. I thought she did it very tastfully and came off very mature about the whole thing.

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Shelby said...

Michelle = cookoo.

I can't believe you like Ali! Ewe! She is not nice. Bleh, I can't stand her- she talks about Jake like she knows him more than anyone- totally annoying. All the girls on the first group were not nice- I don't like any of them.

I think I like Vienna- they seemed to really click, and Tinley is very sweet. Ali's hair bugs me!