Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bachelor

The new season of the Bachelor just began last night! For the last few seasons, we have had friends come over and we record the show and thoroughly enjoy watching this entertainment every Monday night. As my friend has already posted about this show, I am encouraged to put up my horses from the very first show.
The Bachelor this season is one of the really nice guys from last season who got bumped off because he was "too perfect." Hopefully he will show some other qualities on this show this season...I have high hopes.

Now....as for my horses...I had a hard time choosing my top four...I know my top two.
Ali gave Jake a peacock feather because it was supposed to find you a mate and she tripped and ripped her dress while speaking with Jake and she was really smooth about that! Tenley got the first impression rose and I think she is just adorable.
Now, for my other two. There is a debate. I like Kathryn and Rozlyn but there are a few things that I think have not been uncovered for the both of them. And I think Kathryn was the one who had a fake fiance, which is weird. I also like Elizabeth from Nebraska or at least I think Jake likes her. But then there is Corrie, Ella and emotional Michelle. Tough decision, but I will go with Kathryn and Elizabeth with Rozlyn as the close #5 possibly moving into #4, okay so I am choosing 5!

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Chana said...

those are my top 2 as well. I really liked them both!

I want him to keep michelle on just for the crazy factor...