Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bachelor Week 2

Last night's Bachelor was very eventful! Lots of good things and crazy things! Ali, being my top horse, looked so cute in her yellow dress. She is definitely snagging Jake's attention and they have so much chemistry. They also had a great date and she was so easy going despite Jake's slight awkwardness! There were not many standouts...Elizabeth is kind of a weirdo, but hopefully she keeps those values, because it seemed that she was just tring to tease him, which I guess will keep her around because he is intrigued!I am so glad that Christine went home...or whatever he name was that was freaking out at the photo shoot and then got too drunk to have a normal conversation with him at the end of the date. Also, wow, Rozlyn...sad. At least she left so that her personal life no longer has to be anyone's business! And last thing...Michelle is still crazy! She is so dramatic, but I think we all love that she is still on the show because she adds some seriously interesting commentary and crazy scenes! That is it for now...Go Ali!

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