Sunday, June 11, 2017

Spring 2017

As we are fast approaching the summer of 2017... here is a recap of spring 2017!!!

We went on a somewhat spontaneous trip to Southern California. Sadly, tadds Uncle Tim passed away and therefore we were able to attend his memorial in San Diego.

This allowed up to spend a wonderful weekend with Tadd's family and the Jill also! We went to a free food dinners and then we went to Disneyland!

It was such a fun Disneyland trip. We got to eat at blue. Auou which we have never done. We also got on so many rides as we attended with the experienced  Disneyland season pass holders Britt and Phil and their son Ben!

Liam rode Star tours for the first time and as he was sitting with tadd he looked over and said "this is so fun!" I think he enjoyed himself!!!!

Mother's Day 2017!!! Now a mother  of two handsome boys! I am one lucky mama. I enjoyed a massage with my mom on Friday. And I ordered a few things for myself like makeup and some leggings. Tadd made dinner and we spend the day as a family and it was perfect! 

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