Monday, April 24, 2017

Life Update

Life is so good! Liam is 3 and amazing. Logan is just about 6 months and has become so fun, rolling and smiling, and laughing at his big bro.

Liam has been really into sharing with Logan and making him crack up whenever he does something is so adorable to see them interact. And Logan, absolutely adores Liam...he watches everything he does. 

Liam and his bestie Johnny have weekly play dates and are the cutest buds. They play at the park, Chick fil a or at each others houses...and then fight over toys and hug and makeup and then high five and hug when they first see each other and then when they are leaving. It is also super awesome that Johnny's mom is one of my besties too! Win/Win! 

Auntie KayKay was in town last weekend and she played like crazy with Liam and he was sad to see her go...and then Auntie Jill took her place and now they are playing like crazy! Liam is so incredibly lucky and so am I to have such awesome aunties/sisters.

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