Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

On Saturday night we headed to our church's Trunk or Treat for the evening! We got there and headed inside and the room was full of awesome decorations and lots of people dressed up that Liam thoroughly enjoyed...especially the ghost decorations. We grabbed a table and snagged some food and gobbled it all up before heading around the church building for some fun carnival games that Liam loved. He got to throw bean bags in witches cauldrons, shoot ghosts with Nerf guns and walk the plank with Peter Pan...and all the while he had a goody bag around his wrist. He loved going from room to room and playing games and getting toys...he was totally picking up on this whole Halloween thing!

After the games, we did a costume parade where he got to walk on the stage and he even did a little jig as his adorable pumpkin self! Tadd and I decided to be scarecrows in the pumpkin patch which was fitting since I have a little pumpkin in my belly! It turned out to be a really cute family costume!

Then the best part...the trunk or treating part! He was a pro. He hustled from trunk to trunk saying Trick or Treat loud and clear and even saying Thank you after getting his treat. Then he would say "next one," as he headed to the next car. He got lots of goodies and loved looking at them and choosing which ones he wanted to eat. He got to eat a few candies that night and then he proceeded to run a handful of laps around the church parking lot, which was perfect to burn off the sweets he just ate.

He definitely didn't want the night to end...he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his Halloween Trunk or Treat experience...and now for actual Halloween, it may not be nearly as exciting!
This is the morning after...he took it upon himself to put all his candy on his high chair tray and celebrate all the loot he collected. (We then proceeded to separate it by kind, and he got one of each...the rest, well, lets just say its almost gone)

In other Halloween news, we went to a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, and he loved it. Of course not necessarily because of the pumpkins alone, but they had a black pony Levi that he got to ride and then of course bounce houses and slides that he went crazy on. He had a blast. He also got to pull a wagon and snag a few pumpkins on the way out. I would say that Halloween 2016 was a major success!!!

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