Thursday, October 27, 2016

Babymoon @ Eden Vale

Tadd and I decided to go on a Babymoon before baby boy #2 arrives. I thought it would be a nice way to just relax and reconnect before you are loving being over our heads with babies!!! I found this little bed and breakfast in Placerville. I had a few requirements when I was trying to find the location we wanted to be. 1. Close enough to our hospital in case I went into labor early like I did last time. 2. I wanted it to be driving distance so we wouldnt have to spend a big chunk of money on airfare. 3. It had to have access to a spa for a massage treatment! Other than that, I wasn't feeling too picky. 

We ended up at a place called Eden Vale Inn...and it was perfect! It had everything and more. It was the perfect location, only 45 minutes from where we live so just in case and of course we hardly spent any money on travel. AND they had an on site spa. Other perks included breakfast each morning you stayed, awesome grounds to enjoy with a fire pit, pond, porch swing... and then the room was also great. It was quaint but also big enough. It had cable, great lighting, a fireplace, a rain shower head and a common area where we could store food and then use a microwave, etc. 

 When we first arrived, we had a look around, got situated and then went and grabbed some yummy chicken pot pies for dinner. Then we face timed Liam who was having a blast in the bath with nana and papa and then we enjoyed some smores by the firepit. We both didnt sleep that great but probably just because we are not used to being so relaxed and not having anything to do the next day. The following morning, we had a great breakfast, pictured above and then we headed into Apple Hill to shop around before our massages that were scheduled in the afternoon. We went to a few spots in Apple Hill and I bough an adorable christmas ornament with four people on it! And we grabbed a few treats before heading back to the B&B to chill.
 We snacked for lunch and watched some random tv while we prepped for our spa treatment. We then were able to get our couples massage which was glorious!!! They had this amazing "pregnancy sling" that is placed on top of the massage table to allow for pregnant people such as myself to lay on their belly, but not actually...kind of hard to explain...but it was heaven sent. It was so nice to be able to kind of relax my back after the last few weeks of pregnancy. Anyway, if I could get one of those my bed and then maybe a masseuse to come with it, done and done.

After our massages, we freshened up and headed into Placerville to grab dinner. We walked around a bit before eating at the Independent. We had a great seat outside with nice lighting, warmers and just a nice overall environment. We ordered way too much food but enjoyed all of it. We got turnip fries, calamari, fried chicken, steak with sides of cheese grits and truffle mac and cheese. And as if all of that food was not enough (we did NOT finish it all) We topped off our dinner with their delicious bread pudding! It was a great dinner and a great day. We then headed home and I was ready to crash. We both slept really good and then woke up early to get everything packed and ready to go as Tadd was heading to Utah for a friends wedding that day. The B&B staff was willing to make us breakfast early which was so nice and so delicious, as pictured above. We enjoyed our breakfast and then headed out.
I dropped Tadd off at the airport and then got a few errands done like grocery shopping and laundry before meeting up with my parents and my little nugget whom I missed so much! We then had a lovely saturday out and about, checking things off of my pre-baby checklist. It was a wonderful weekend and we discussed possibly adding one of these trips to our life plan every year...until next time, thanks Eden Vale for a great Babymoon!

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