Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cars Party

Saturday February 6, 2016 at 4:00 pm we celebrated Liam's 2nd birthday! Tadd's parents came from Arizona, Jill came from San Diego, Katie came from Florida, my parents were there and lots of friends came to the party! It was an absolute blast! Liam took a great nap perfectly timed by my family in order to maximize the fun to be had. Katie decorated the house with a car wash and other car cutouts and we picked up balloons, a fancy cake, chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A and pizza for the adults. 

We had stop light krispies, spare tire oreo cookies, and other snacks to go around. All the adults hung out, ate pizza and enjoyed each others company while Liam ate his heart out on oreos, mac n' cheese and of course frosting and sprinkles! He was compltely spoiled with love and attention from adults and kids alike. His older kid friends Emma and Own entertained him by participating in the car wash despite maybe feeling a little old for it. Liam was able to show off for all the adults and danced and ran and played and screamed and definitely had a blast. 

He got so many wonderful gifts including tractors, cars, playdoh, books, clothes and even a big boy bed and step stool. He opened every single present and played with pretty much all of them before the night was over. I had such a blast seeing all of our friends and celebrating our favorite little boy. 

He is getting so big and now that he is sleeping in his toddler room it is blowing my mind how quick he is growing up! This year has lots of milestones like moving on from the pacifier, potty training and an explosion of words has already begun, this year 2 is going to be a good one!!!

Oh yeah...and on Tuesday, which was his actual birthday, we went out to breakfast and got him a fancy sprinkle donut which he proceeded to devour as I think sprinkles and donuts might be one of his favorite things. Happy Birthday Liam! 

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