Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Two Year Old

I have a 2 year old. How did that happen? How did he grow so fast? Either way, I feel incredibly lucky. Liam is something special and this having a kid thing is better than I ever expected. He makes everything and anything more exciting, challenging, fun, and bigger and better!

He has been so incredibly happy and fun to be around lately. He wakes up, says "mama" and "pancakes" within minutes and we are in the kitchen making him waffles or pancakes, to put on his truck plate with syrup and milk. He then proceeds to watch Super Why while enjoying his breakfast and getting syrup all over the place!

He loves so many things right now. His biggest interests are trucks, tractors and cars. He is also very polite and says thank you when given something. He also just started saying Hello. It is still a relatively new word so the pronunciation is a work in progress. He has ridden his bike a few times by simply putting his feet up and letting me drive him around the driveway.

He loves building blocks, playing at the park, his train table and nana and papas house and loves seeing the ducks at the pond. And we have random cats in our backyard and he always says meow and tries to kiss them through the window!

He is so playful and fun and makes every day that much more enjoyable.

For his birthday we are doing a Disney Cars Party. I even ordered a special cake! My sisters and Tadd's parents are even coming into town which is pretty cool.

My little nugget is growing so fast and I love him more and more everyday!!!

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