Monday, August 4, 2014

First update

Liam met his great grandma Bella! The two of them had the time of their life together! Liam was chatting her ear off and snuggling with her all day! And "Nona" which means grandmother in Italian, loved every second of it! She totally spoiled him (and us) with clothes and toys and love! We are ao grateful to have been able to spend time with grandma Bella and look forward to hopefully visiting her soon! We love our grandma Bella, aka Nona!!

Liam went on his first plane ride to San Diego...and it was a success! Although, we did kind of appear to be first timers when it came to checking/carrying all of our was still pretty uneventful. We flew out on Friday at noon and Liam slept the whole way!!! Once we got all of our things, and packed it into the car, we found our hotel and then headed back out to see some friends who moved back from China! It was fantastic. Then back to the hotel for some dinner. Saturday we relaxed in the morning and then headed to my friend Whitneys house for the evening. Their son Kaeden is almost a year old so although Liam did not keep up with him, they did get in a few kisses and stares! Sunday we got to spend with Jill and Wes and Lindsay and Ian as well. We ate tacos, watched soccer, walked to the park and even got to see Tadd's brother and his family. Monday we decided would be a chill day since the weekend was so busy. We just relaxed around the hotel and then popped by the mall for a little stroll. Then it was already time to go home. Once again, Liam slept on the plane ride home and we were successful in packing and checking everything. It was a great trip and once again Liam was spoiled by his auntie Jill with an adorable shirt and some beach toys! So glad we could visit San Diego!!! P.S. we did make it to the beach, but Liam did not get in the sand, so we will wait until next time for him to experience that first!

Another first that was not mentioned, was his first pool experience! I took him swimming with me on Saturday at my birthday pool party, and he loved it. He just chilled in the water and enjoyed himself...maybe swim lessons soon??

Liam also attended his very first baseball game in Stockton to watch his Uncle Dennis! We left one inning early and of course missed the best part! Dennis hit a home run and they won the game. Bummer that we missed it but glad that we were able to go and see him play. Also, Liam got his first baseball...signed by the one and only Dennis Raben!!!

Liam is the best. I love reliving every moment with him as if it were my first time as well! I am loving every minute of raising our perfect little boy!

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