Sunday, January 20, 2013

No You Didn't!!!

YES HE DID!!! Tadd passed his Series 7 Exam last Thursday! It was a glorious day! He has been studying his tail off since August and was not successful a few times before this last exam date! He went in at 8am sharp...called me at 11:30am, stating that he felt like he was failing the exam and it was a long shot if he was going to pass forward 3:45...and a text message that says, "where are you?" sent to me. I then frantically text him back...once, twice and three times, call him three times, all the while he is ignoring me, but driving over to my office where I work. Upon his arrival, he steps into the office and throws his arms in the air and smiles as big as possible...HE DID IT! He passed and I yelled and hugged him so so tight! It was such a happy day! We are looking forward to a successful and exciting ya!

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