Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentines Day

This year, Tadd and I planned valentines day, just a little late for a fancy dinner, but it was perfect. Since it was a Tuesday, Tadd had to go to work and I had school all day. I gave Tadd his card in the morning and then we both went about our days. When I got home later that day, Tadd had filled the back of our bedroom with, red hearts and a big heart that said "LOVE, forever and always." Then right above our bed he put little stickers that read, "Happy Valentines Day." He always does something so sweet and surprises me. I love that he is such a romantic and so thoughtful. Once he was done with work, we met at California Pizza Kitchen and enjoyed dinner together. He gave me a card that was so pretty and of course his words were so sweet. After dinner, we headed to the movies. We saw The Vow, and I loved it!!! It was so sweet and adorable and I wanted it to keep going forever! I want to see it again! Anyway, it was such a great Valentines Day. Tadd and I were able to have a fun evening together and celebrate LOVE!

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katester said...

We also saw the vow on valentines! I had tears streaming down my face the entire time! Loved it! Glad you guys had fun! Tadd can be pretty smooth sometimes.