Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wig Party

Last night was my boss's birthday and he always picks a new theme just to mix it up and make it interesting. Last year was Executives therefore men and women wore business attire and all gathered at The Almond Tree...this year's theme was wigs and everyone gathered at Phat Chads. There was a photographer and good music, pool and lots of friends.
Tadd wore the "Pauly D" wig from Jersey shore and I wore the Katy Perry wig. We had a fun time mingling with friends and listenting and dancing to good music. My bosses wife made him a face cake for his birthday so I am hoping to get a picture of that so I can post it...but I did get one photo of us in our wigs. Maybe a few more pictures will be posted, but I really loved wearing a kind of makes it fun and then I didnt have to do my own hair.

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