Friday, April 2, 2010

San Francisco

As previously posted...first girl's trip was recently completed beginning Wednesday morning and finishing Thursday afternoon in San Francisco. Devon, Laura, Amber and myself decided to take a trip to celebrate Devon's 30th birthday. Despite the fact that it is not for another few months, she is leaving in about five days for Chicago for five months. Hence, the girls trip! We left Wednesday morning at a crisp 10:00am. We enjoyed La Bou before hitting HWY 80 for San Fran. We had an enjoyable drive down, with gangsta jams and rolled down windows until it got a little nippy. Once we got to the city, we headed straight to Union Square and the shopping. We started at Macy's...moved to a few boutiques...then onto Forever 21, Aldo, Old Navy, Gap, Urban Outfitters and H&M. However, in between all that shopping, we stopped for a mid afternoon snack at CPK. We all got full and re-fueled however I think also a little tired because by then it had started to get windy and a bit rainy. We finished shopping and headed to the hotel. We valet parked our car and headed to our room to relax. It was a cute little yellow room, so we got comfy fast, and took some amazing photos while we were at it!

After we were all jumped out, we got ready to go out to dinner...which by the way took way too long to decide on and Cheesecake it was... we should have planned our evening better, but we had a lot of fun and got good food and dessert of course. After dinner, we danced back to the hotel ready for our pj's again. As the four of us got into the elevator, we pushed floor number three and as we arrived at the floor, the door would not open. The phone began to dial and no one answered as we stood sweating in the miniatare box elevator. After a good three minutes, Laura decided to try the door open button and thank goodness it worked! We then proceed to our hotel room and as we turn the corner we notice that the door to our room is open and the lights are on which was not the case for either just a few hours earlier when we left for dinner. Kind of freaky...however, nothing seemed out of place and no one was in our room. Weird!!! Then round two of awesome pictures...

Then it was officially bed time. Thursday bright and early, 8am we were up and about getting ready for the final hours of SF and then heading home. We checked out and headed down to Fisherman's Wharf for some brekkie. We ate at Boudin but not before we went to a few candy places and purchased some treats for ourselves and family. After Boudin yummy sourdough breakfast, we headed to Ghiradelli Square to finish off the afternoon with some delicious Kara's cupcake purchases and Ghiradelli chocolate. After that, we were back on the road headed for Sacramento. We had a lot of fun on our short getaway and I am looking forward to the next trip that we take!

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