Friday, July 3, 2009

The Trek

Tadd and I were able to be a Ma and Pa on the Trek for the youth of our ward. It was a trying experience, but enjoyable also. We were able to relive what the pioneers went through by hiking and pushing a handcart with all of our belongings. The youth of the ward did such a great job working together and pushing the cart and making it to camp. There were various vignettes that the kids were able to go through including Pa getting a snake bite and having to be carried on the cart. We had a baby at the beginning and I had to be carried, as well as crossing the sweetwater, coping with the men leaving to go with the Mormon Battalion as well as the baby dying at the end of the trek. (We named our baby Marie Christiann) These were small experiences to bring the reality of what the pioneers went through. On Friday, the fun activities began. We were able to make bracelets, write in our journals, try a two man saw, churn butter, make fire, shoot a rifle, throw a tomahawk, throw a knife, make rope, use a bull whip as well as enjoy a hoe down and a fireside. One of the highlights was Tadd and a young man from our ward trying to beat a timed record for the two man saw. They made 21 seconds but then our bishop and another bishop from another ward, BEAT them. It was fun to watch and they were definitely enjoying themselves. It was a good camping weekend, and Saturday was great when we got to shower and be clean again!

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momab said...

Hey you two love all the new pictures on your blog. I have left comments before but I don't see them recorded. It looks like you had a blast on the Trek. We miss you guys and hope we can see you again soon.