Friday, July 3, 2009

Bridal and Bachelorette Party for Whitney

My best friend from 5th grade is getting married in two weeks. So the weekend of the 13th she had a bridal shower at her parents house and then the girls threw her a bachelorette party in which we took a party bus down to San Francisco and went out on the town for the night. The shower was lots of fun. We at food, chatted, played games and opened gifts. After that, we went home and got ready for the evening and headed to SF at around 7pm. We got to SF around 9 and we went to one bar and the girls were able to get things started…I was designated driver even though we had a driver. I guess I was designated photo taker and controller, to make sure that everything went smoothly and we did not lose anyone downtown! Anyway, we only ended up going to two bars because everyone got tired and wanted to head back. We left around midnight to head back to granite bay. We got back around 2:30 and hit the sack immediately. It was a fun night, as I was able to hang out with my girlfriends and celebrate my best friend’s last single days!

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