Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Month of May

Basically I have decided that if I post once a month, with everything that we did throughout the month, it will be sufficient. Therefore, here is what we did the entire month of May. It started out with a fabulous visit from the parentals. Kirk and Sharon delighted us with their trip out to Sacramento California for a nice rainy weekend of fun. They arrived on Friday night and we picked them up from the airport and they had tshirts on assuming that the weather here would not be rainy because it is almost summer and it is already ridiculously hot in Arizona. We then checked them into their hotel and got them jackets, and we headed to a new restarant in Roseville, called The Counter. It was yummy. It is a burger joint, where you can order off their menu or create your own. We all enjoyed shakes before dinner and, o yes, we found a place that serves SWEET POTATO FRIES. That is basically the reason that we went. And boy was it worth it! We then rented 7 pounds and watched that for the second time. So good, but o so Sad...Then on Saturday, we had breakfast together and hung around the house for a little while. Then we went and looked at a house for sale in our neighborhood, and were in a daydream for a while pretending we could afford a million dollar home....good times. Then we headed over to Tadd's work to show his parents his place of employment, and while we were there, he even got to work a little and lease a boat space. Then we decided to go to the movie theaters and we saw The Ghost of Girlfriend's Past....funny, sad, entertaining, overall, we all enjoyed it! Then back home to watch a bball game, have some din din and play somem games. Sunday the Sabbath, we went to church and Tadd bore a beautiful testimony that I am positive his parents enjoyed. The weekend went way too fast and it was really great to see the Barnett's. We look forward to seeing you again June 5-7....YAY!!!

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momab said...

Hey you guys, Kirk and I had so much fun that weekend. To bad we can't do it all the time. So glad that you came again in June to see Katie and Sienna, and us of course.