Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Weekend

Over Easter Weekend, we had quite a few friends come to visit and we were able to spend time with people that we do not normally get to. On Friday, our friends Trent and Lisa from Arizona came to Sacramento to visit their family. We were able to go out to dinner downtown at Paesano's which was really tasty and reasonably priced. After that, we headed to Capitol Bowl...lovely little bowling alley somewhere by the ball park downtown. Lisa and I were able to purchase some lovely bowling socks as we did not come prepared in our high heels with socks! We then proceeded to play a few games in which Tadd and I were victorious. At around 11:30pm we decided that since Tadd and I won we were going to try and find a Dairy Queen to celebrate on our friends wallet. However, after a good detour around town, we found the DQ, CLOSED! Owell. We enjoyed a very fun evening with friends!


Danya said...

Sounds like a great time! Glad you guys are doing so well in Sacramento!

katester said...

I am not surprised you two won the bowling comp. six flags?? jealous!