Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 17, 2009

April 17, 2009 is not only Tadd and my 1 year anniversary, but it is also my best friend Amanda's birthday. The weekend started on Thursday night, as we went out to dinner for Amanda's birthday to Mexquite, a yummy mexican restaurant in Folsom. She invited the two of us as well as a few other girlfriends and her parents, of course! Then we went to work on Friday, and then headed up to Tahoe. We ate at the romantic restaurant, In & Out and arrived at the cabin around 8pm. We then decided to exchange gifts. I got Tadd, "Love Coupons" as well as a nice brown watch. He then proceeded to present me with my gift, which was the top of our cake from 1 year ago that he had shipped from Arizona to California in a dry ice box. We enjoyed our wedding cake together and watched our wedding video and reminisced of the day we were sealed in the temple one year ago! We then attended the Reno Temple on Saturday morning (and I fainted while we were there?!). We then headed back and were able to go snowboarding for a short hour at Squaw Valley (thanks to Tadd's boss who gave two day passes). We then got home around 5:00pm and ate chinese food and lounged in two leather chairs all night. On Sunday, we slept in and ate breakfast together. We then studied the lessons that we would be learning if we were in Church that day. We cleaned up a little bit and headed home. It was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend away together to celebrate our first year of marriage.

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The Railsback's said...

sounds like fun!! miss you guys